Introducing the people that make the Green Park Brasserie

From our talented team of chefs and event managers to the local farmers and cider makers from Somerset and the Bath Farmers’ Market, we’ll be introducing the people who make the Brasserie.

In 2015 we welcomed Sous Chef Lukas Granger to our team at Green Park Brasserie (the Braz). Working under Head Chef Steve Derry and also bringing his own concepts to the menu, we caught up with Lukas in our first Q&A introducing series article.


You’ve brought a few of your own tweaks to the Brasserie menu. From the Tunley Farm Pig’s Cheek dish to the Pan Seared Duck Breast (part of the New Year’s eve party tasting menu). Where do your ideas and inspiration come from?

LG: A lot of my ideas start with food and flavours that I recall from different dishes I’ve worked on before. I’m always trying to combine new and exciting dishes with different flavours - letting the imagination take over is the key to interesting food.


How has the Braz menu changed since you joined  our kitchen?

LG: Our goal is to keep pushing the flavours to new levels and the array of combinations in our menus follows this ethos.

Since my first day Steve and I knew we had the same mindset in the kitchen with our shared passion for food. Over the last year particularly we’ve combined our knowledge and inspired each other to use old and new techniques to create menus that will please any palate.

I talk with Steve and together we’ll tweak the dish. I will always use his experience and knowledge of flavour as a tool to add definition.

What can customers expect to see from the Braz kitchen moving into the seasonal menu for Spring later this year?

LG: Customers can expect a cleverly varied menu, with enticing elements that reflect the seasonal change. This season coming is very exciting for the team. A whole year has gone past and I’ve never been more excited about designing a menu.

The foods coming back into season will be sourced only locally and we’re already experimenting with our new ideas! 


It’s always interesting to see how chefs collaborate and how their menus take shape. How do you and Steve work together to create seasonal menus?

LG: Talking with local farmers and having a healthy relationship with the people that provide our local produce is key to making sure we get the finest ingredients. We look into the colours of the season and the traditional foods served at this time of year and use these as a colour/flavour scale in which we follow.

Communication is also key to our success in the kitchen. We spend a lot of time talking about flavour combinations. Steve will often spark my brain by running through dishes he has made at the Brasserie in the past that fuel the imagination and inspire great ideas.


What do you think makes the Braz stand out against other independent restaurants in Bath?

LG: Unlike most kitchens, we have a very adept team. Our individuality shines through our work; in the restaurant and the kitchen. We’re given the opportunity to explore different methods and provide the best experience how we feel best. This positive outlook helps everybody combine to create a restaurant that wants to become the best in Bath.


Finally, any advice or tips for young chefs looking to break into the restaurant scene in Bath?

LG: I came to the city with nothing but a passion for food and motivation to make my mark in Bath. I believe with the right attitude for food and the correct mentoring, anything is possible.

Thanks Lukas!


The Green Park Brasserie is one of Bath’s best known independent restaurants. Based in the heart of Bath, just 5 minutes stroll from the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey and Bath's shops, we’ve been serving award winning food and drink for over 25 years.